"Connected by Safety" is an educational program on early awareness and alert for children.

Organized by

The Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) and FORO 21 -Producer of Educational Content-, with the support of the Motorola Solutions Foundation.

Aimed at

Children between 8 and 10 years old, teachers and public forces agents of Latin America.

Year Countries Workshops Students
2012 62 3430
2013 82 4462
2014 123 5100
2015 123 6300
2016 50 2300
2017 85 4250
2018 115 5242
2019 135 6601
2021 120 5927

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EIKON Award for Excellence in Communication (Argentina)

Community Relations Eikon Regional Silver
Motorola Solutions CEO

Volunteer Award winner
EIKON Award for Excellence in Communication (Argentina)

Social Marketing Eikon Regional Gold
Journalists Award (Spain)

EIKON Award (Argentina)

Second General Campaign for Regional Institutional Communication
Latin American Award for Corporate Responsibility

Ecumenical Social Forum
Journalists Award (Spain)

Awareness Award



ARGENTINA Ministry of Education of Argentina
COLOMBIA Ministry of Defense of Colombia
ECUADOR Ministry Coordinator of Security of Ecuador
Undersecretary of Education of the Metropolitan District of Quito
PERU Ministry of the Interior of Peru
CHILE Ministry of the Interior and Public Security of Chile
Ministry of Education of Chile
Municipality of Las Condes

Participating Public Forces:

911 Emergencies Administrative Department of Monitoring and Localization Systems Argentina Fire Fighters Foundation Argentine Federal Police Argentine National Coast Guard Buenos Aires Police (Department of Agustoni) Buenos Aires Police (Department of Merlo) Citizen Protection Secretariat of La Matanza City of Buenos Aires Police Civil Defense General Directorate of the City of Buenos Aires Civil Defense of Almirante Brown Civil Defense of La Plata Civil Defense of Vicente López Coast Guard of La Plata Coast Guard of Tigre Education and Culture Under Secretariat of San Miguel Fire Fighters of La Plata Fire Fighters of Rosario Gendarmerie La Plata Major Office Metropolitan Police Ministry of Security of the Province of Santa Fe Municipal Secretariat of La Plata Municipal Traffic Directorate of La Plata National Agency for Road Safety Police Station No. 1 of Lanús
Police Station No. 1 of Morón Police Station No. 10 of Lomas de Zamora Police Station No. 4 of Mar del Plata Police Station of Aldo Bonzi, La Matanza Province of Córdoba Police Road Safety Police of the Province of Buenos Aires SAME SAME Lanús Security Secretariat of Vicente López Security Technical Department of Mar del Plata Traffic Authorities of Vicente López Training Directorate Urban Control of La Plata Volunteer Fire Fighters Association of Almirante Brown Volunteer Fire Fighters Association of Gral. Sarmiento Volunteer Fire Fighters Association of Matanza Volunteer Fire Fighters Association of Morón Volunteer Fire Fighters of Chivilcoy Volunteer Fire Fighters of Comandancia General Volunteer Fire Fighters of Escobar Volunteer Fire Fighters of First Aid Vicente López Volunteer Fire Fighters of La Boca Volunteer Fire Fighters of La Plata Volunteer Fire Fighters of Pilar
National Police SAR La Paz Red Cross of Santa Cruz SAR Santa Cruz
Civil Defense Fire Fighters Metropolitan Police Metropolitan Police Canine Division Civil Police
Police SAMU – Mobile First Aid Service Traffic Military Police GEPAD Grupo de educação e prevenção às drogas Crianças sob nossa guarda
City Hall of Santiago City Hall of Florida City Hall of San Antonio Fire Fighters of Chile Voluntary Fire Fighters of Ñuñoa Voluntary Fire Fighters of Vitacura Carabineers Red Cross
National Army Metropolitan Intendancy Ministry of the Interior and Public Security ONEMI Investigative Police SAMU – Mobile First Aid Service Citizenship Security of Huechuraba Citizenship Security of Las Condes
Colombia National Police – Directorate for Children and Youth Security and Emergencies Number Fire Fighters of Bogotá Red Cross IDIGER (District Institute for Climate Change and Risk Management) Emergencies 123 Police Forces Secretaría Educación
PAE Civil Defense The Army Ministry of Defense Directorate for Prevention and Citizen Culture District Secretariat for Security, Coexistence, and Justice Centro Regulador de Urgencias y Emergencias (CRUE)
Fire Fighters Red Cross National Police Office for Children and Youth (DINAPEN) Security Coordination Ministry (ECU 911)
PAE Metropolitan Police National Police National Secretariat for Risk Management
Fire Fighters of Naucalpan Canine Rescue Division Mexico City Civil Protection Mexico City Fire Fighters Mexico City Police
Red Cross Crime Prevention Fire Fighters of Mérida Mérida Police Mérida Paramedics
National Police Volunteer Fire Fighters of Peru Alert Center of Miraflores Police Station of San Cosmes Police Station of Apolo, La Victoria Police Station, Neighbors Deptament of Lima Cercado CONIDA Red Cross Peru Civil Defense Hydrography and Navigation Directorate
Geophysics Institute of Peru National Institute of Civil Defense Municipality of Chaclacayo Municipality of La Molina Municipality of Los Olivos National Police Citizenship Security of Miraflores Serenazgo Security Forces of Lima Serenazgo Security Forces of Miraflores Serenazgo Security Forces of Surco

Figures of Connected by Safety

10 Years
8 Countries
895 Workshops
43600 Participating children
1650 Teachers
131 Agents of public forces
103 Volunteers
80698 Impacted parents
8 Award


Presentation Letter to the Forces

Dear representatives of the prevention and emergency organizations:

We are writing to introduce the educational program "Connected by Safety" and invite you to join us in the workshops we will hold in elementary schools in your country so that students know the work you do to ensure the safety of all of us.

The current use of communication tools is one of the privileged sources through which we interact. For this reason, the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) together with FORO 21 -Producer of Educational Content-, with the support of the Motorola Solutions Foundation, have created the program "Connected by Safety", with the aim of providing new generations with vital tools for citizen participation.

This educational campaign offers an itinerant play workshop for children ages 8 to 10. In it, they will learn the value of state agencies in the protection of our citizenship in situations of risk and emergency, as well as the importance of communication in such situations. The objective of this workshop is for children to share what they have learned with their families and therefore reach every home.

Through different ludic tools, the workshops focus on helping children, as small citizens, to observe situations of risk and alert in time and communicate in the appropriate way with the correct organization. We teach them how to be vigilant, who to turn to and make sure that communication flows.

The program focuses on prevention of cases of any public nature in which human life is at stake or a right is violated. To this end, health agents, firefighters and police officers, among others, are invited to participate in the workshops and help teachers on subjects like areas and organizations of civil protection, emergency and security.

The idea is for children to personally get to know those who protect them in emergency situations and for the agents to share with them information about their valuable work.

Important data
Differences between various organizations and their roles.
Different risky or emergency situations (natural catastrophes, fires, cases of violence, violated rights, traffic accidents, discrimination, ill-treatment, robbery, kidnapping, collisions, accidents on public roads, among others).
Safe-communication tips for these situations.

We would love to see you participate and join the project "Connected by Safety" and help us in our commitment to the education of future generations.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you messages from children who participated in the workshops

Thank you for committing to our safety. It helped me a lot. You are like heroes.
Today we learned a lot. When I grow up, I want to be a firefighter.
I liked the part where the firefighter said he does not enter alone; he is joined by a partner. That made me happy because there is always a friend with him.
Thank you for coming, I really enjoyed playing with you and I wanted to thank you. I also learned a little more and that is why I thank you for all you have done for us.
Thank you for teaching us that we can also save lives and help you. Dilan
I want to thank you for helping us in difficult situations and for worrying about us. Thank you for always being there in the things of concern. I hope you are very well. I just want to say thank you for everything. You are very kind. God bless you in your work.
Thanks for the tips of landslides, fires. Thank you, thank you very much.
What I liked was acting. Thanks to the police for risking their lives to save all of us, for saving me from kidnapping when I was 8. I remember very clearly what happened. Thank you for saving my family. I would like to give you a big hug.